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Sold 1968 Schwinn Apple Krate, Original Down to the Tires

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4500 OBO

Old Iron Bob

Finally riding a big boys bike
This post is for my son's bicycle that he recently decided to sell.

I'm selling my November of 1968 Schwinn Apple Krate in very good, all original condition. I purchased it from the original owner who received it in 1968 as her Christmas present. She took exceptional care of the bike and even retained the original owners manual. Its lived it entire life in sunny Orange County, California so heavy rust won't ever be an issue.

Nothing on the bike has been repainted or re-chromed, just cleaned/lubed so it can be ridden. The only non-original part on the bike is the under seat reflector. It was gone when found so another '68 "two pie" reflector was purchased and installed. Some of the pogo seat clamp bolts are also not original but were period replacements so i left them alone

The bike has no front fender, white metallic seat with red stripes, wide handle bars, "8 Ball" straight arm 5 speed shifter and Red Line rear slick tire, all which are unique to the 1968's. The crank/gooseneck also sport 68 marks along with "LXX" on the rear dropout. Currently the bike is sporting reproduction tires but the original Red Line rear slick and Superior front tire are included, along with the original Schwinn Approved inner tubes/rim bands and Schwinn owners manual with serial number matching the frame. Even the chain is original with minimal wear. The original tires have dry rot/sidewall cracks that wouldn't hold together for riding i had to swap them out.

When new, it was never ridden much and was put it away once she received her brand new Honda Trail 70 in 1972. The paint has some small nicks and surface rust spots but it really shines in the sun. Most of the chrome has typical peppering but it also presents well. The original shift cable was broken so i opted to replace all 3 (shifter and brake lines) with new but run through the old housings. The old cables are in the box containing the brake pads that i also replaced since they were rock hard.

From the showroom at the time of purchase, it was equipped with a Sport Light and friction drive generator. The light has damage to the lens and the generator was a bit hard to turn so those were left off for a cleaner look. Again, those are included in the big box of parts included with the bike.

Everything was broken down to individual pieces to be cleaned, polished and lubed. More could be done to clean it further but i was happy with the results you seen below.

The shifts are extremely smooth and brakes will even slow my large frame with ease. Similar to my Cadillac's, its hard to ride this thing without smiling the entire time.


You can reply on here or if you want to go direct, please text me. I don't typically answer my phone due to relentless scammers but once i know your interested in the bike, we can discuss details over the phone if you have more questions. 714 747 9230

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