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2023 SoCal FREE SWAPMEET / Bicycle Show & BBQ @ Jamie's Place W/ CYCLONE COASTER ~ Saturday AUGUST 19th 2023 ~ Temecula CA ~ Rain or Shine Event

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What a 36 hour adventure starting 6:30 pm Friday night into the wee hours of Sunday morning. 42 hours of no sleep and only 2 hours before we were home, it was 12:30 am, and I had to rest. Finally made it home at 4:30 am. That's what adrenaline does to me. We were at Jamie’s place in Temecula 4 am Saturday morning. Texted a buddy, and a few were still up standing around the bonfire. Surrounded by friends and cool vintage bike stuff, no way could I rest. To be able to see friends, meeting friends for the first time, especially CABErs that you’ve communicated with but have yet to meet in person, Jeff @39zep, Dave @BFGforme, Bao @lounging, Richard @Handle Bar Hoarder, and especially Bob @bobcycles, whom I have bought a few items from many times. That’s what makes these gatherings so fun for me. I enjoy learning, helping out in some way, and just hanging out with the guys. A big huge thanks to our host Jamie @higgens and Frank @cyclonecoaster.com for organizing this awesome event on this killer property. With the support of our loved ones, my good friend Armando and I had an amazing time. What a weekend for us.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 04.jpg

At the end of the day, Mike got his mouse

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 04a.jpg

Thank you brother Mike @fordmike65. Appreciate this.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 05.jpg

Another bucket list bike

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 06.jpg

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 07.jpg

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 08.jpg

Thanks Jeff @39zep for the helpful tips on removing paint. Here's a fine example of how it's done.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 08a.jpg

killer original paint bug eye

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 09.jpg

the famed snake belly tires

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 11.jpg

Very cool to finally meet Mr BobU @bobcycles for the first time here with Jim Legend @JAF/CO.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 12.jpg

Mark @mrg taking the time to educate me on these 3 gill tanks. Thanks Mark

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 13.jpg

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 14.jpg

Another amazing Jim @JAF/CO custom build

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 17.jpg
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a few more pictures to share...

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 16.jpg

This is what most of us wanted during the raffle, Tom @TWBikesnstripes artwork

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 18.jpg

the classic Jamie’s place image

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 19.jpg

raffle time

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 20.jpg

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 21.jpg

Taking it all in listening to stories from those who have been around this hobby a long time.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 22.jpg

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 23.jpg

Marty @cyclingday with an NOS Schwinn chain in original box in his shirt pocket. Also, shared with the guys about not finding a prewar Delta horn button that I needed, so came up with the second best horn button that I found. Kidding aside, thanks Mike @fordmike65 for the button
'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 24.jpg

Another Tom @TWBikesnstripes artwork

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 25.jpg

Pretty rare here (green) and in a tall frame config too

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 25a.jpg

Marty @cyclingday taking the now famous Gary @PlasticNerd 29er motorbike.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 33.jpg

These next two pictures were taken by my friend Armando

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 34.jpg

There were a few items I was thrilled to get on Saturday, a working Delta Gangway horn in somewhat patina condition, thanks Gary @PlasticNerd, gangway horn gooseneck bracket from Dave, @Laffen_metal_works, Snake Belly tires that John @whizzer1 saved for me, and this one, a Schwinn lamp shade from @BFGforme. Thanks Dave.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 29.jpg

I knew exactly where this was going, so when my granddaughter first saw it, she noticed the lamp shade. She's very observant, so she's knows what's different in our house. Even the cool old stuff I buy. I love that about her.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 30.jpg

Then when she turned on the light, she saw the name Schwinn on the shade. Her reaction was even more excitement. Even my wife heard her excitement from the other room. Because I own a few Schwinn bikes, my granddaughter knows that name well making sure how to spell the name correctly. This is why I bought the shade…for her.
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I have never seen an Elgin Bluebird in person until my wife and I came down for the '21 swap here at Jamie’s place two years ago. I was blown away then and still to this day to see the lineup of several birds in his possession. The bluebird eventually went to Jamie, but can't deny the thought of owning a bucket list bike. You can dream right. I see Jamie’s Bluebird right next to us between our spot and Jim's. I had to ask. A few other guys were riding the Bluebird since most of the area was cleared out.

Thanks to Jamie @higgens, one of the many highlights of our weekend, to be able to ride an Elgin Bluebird. What a thrill.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 01.jpg

The first picture I took when we arrived in the middle of the night Saturday morning was this Bluebird in Cliff's @OC54 space.

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 26.jpg

Saying buy to our friend Jim Legend @JAF/CO

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 27.jpg

With our host, thank you Jamie @higgens

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 28.jpg

Now I can say I have ridden a bucket list Elgin Bluebird

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 31.jpg

My good friend Armando

'23 swap @ Jaime's Place 32.jpg

mi amor….my number one support

These pictures courtesy of Armando
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I had a great time at the swap meet saturday, thanks to Jaimie for putting this on, well worth the trip. Charlie, lets try and meet up again but not wait 30 years to do it, it was good to catch up. Bob great meeting you in person and thanks again for the drum brakes. I met a lot of people, forgot their names, BRGforme thanks for the ice cold beer. Looking forward to next year. Tim