Sold Nice original 1936 Schwinn "Excelsior" ladies bike, unusual color ---F/S----Possible Part-out

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San Diego Calif


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Price drop to 650.00 complete----- or see part-out list below, would be ashame
to part out this nice complete lady but....

Reposting this for a friend here in San Diego California... Price dropped to 600 for this
nice original ladies Schwinn bicycle.
and he MIGHT consider parting out the bike if there are enough inquiries and buyers for what is there

Nice prewar wheel set with Carlisle Lightning dart WW tires----------275.00

Restored Ladies Prewar long spring Mesinger saddle 150.00

1936 Fender set---(These are the EXACT same fenders that just sold on Ebay for over
1000.00 in black, no difference, same sheet metal, just no hole for headlight) beautiful
condition...ebay ones had poor paint. ----------------------------250.00

NICE excelsior "rare footed" head badge--------- 100 shipped

Nice correct prewar Schwinn Drop stand 120 shipped

Straight and nice Hockey Stick guard-----50.00

Excellent working KLAXON horn 150 shipped

frame/sprocket/chain/crank/ TRUSS fork with struts/ Bars/ stem/ grips -----100 plus add the shipping

Posting this for a friend who lives in San Diego Calif. who prefers not to ship, but
I might consider helping with that if it comes down to a shipping situation.
Info he provided as follows--- Nice original paint cream and blue, Footed
excelsior badge, excellent original wheel set ND front and rear hubs, stem
and bars were rechromed, original grips and pedals, restored long spring

looks like Mesinger saddle, Tires I believe are WW Lightning Dart Carlisles...
I think that sums it up, good rider, complete as shown
Asking 700.00 pretty firm on that price...he paid more for the bike and upgrades.

If you do the math... figure parts add up to more.
nice orig 30s drop centers with WW USA tires...300 range
restored long spring ladies saddle 150-200
drop stand 100 and clip
footed Excelsior badge 100
Klaxon 150
hockey guard 50
truss fork 50-100
prewar nice fenders 100 range (C model profile)
rechromed bars and stem 100 range..
plus rest of parts.
hopefully the above math doesn't encourage the bike to be parted out.







A lot here for 700.00 ---PRICE DROP 650 NOW....
serious buyers let me know and I'll provide owners contact information.

I might have a shot at bringing the bike to LA area later in the week, but not positive.
or PM here
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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Added Note to description posted----I do not have the bike in my possession and the fender set is a ladies set
with the skirt lacing etc. not on par $ wise with the 36 set I mentioned as a comp that recently sold on ebay...still a very nice set with flat braces..
dropstand clip etc. and same profile as 36 motorbike/C model etc.


I live for the CABE
Geez Bob, she's sure pretty. If my size 10 feet got along better with that ducktail fender, and my larger frame wouldnt make me feel cramped, I'd give her a good home. I sold my 39 Excelsior Hollywood for that reason. I sincerely hope one of the Schwinn guys here will buy this for their wife, daughter, or significant other. She deserves to be kept whole because she's a nice 'ol girl. Good luck!


Wore out three sets of tires already!
Hey Bob,

I can't bear seeing this one parted out... it will be great for my lady friend, and a nice match for the C model I am building. If you are still thinking about bringing it back to this direction I am interested in that too. Let's make it mine.
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