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Show me your Johnson. (Official Pre- 1933 Iver Johnson Thread)

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
I have a big Johnson (tall headtube frame) and I'd like to compare mine with yours...what can I say...unfortunately, it's a bit rusty so I've been looking for paint schemes. It was originally black with green head tube, but since it'll be a complete redo, I'm contemplating a color change. I've come across many of the photos already online in the usual places that come up when searched, but I know there has to be more out there. I'm also particularly interested in the accessories and components (Pedals, handlebars, grips, etc.) that are stock bits and pieces to these bicycles.

Original Detail is the key to this thread!

Mine has been judged (by folks of The Cabe) to be a 1915 or later Truss Bridge frame. When posting, please include, at the least, your serial number and any information that you know to be true. If it is hear-say (maybe from the person you bought it from) please denote it as such.

If you have catalog scans, that could be a nice addition to this thread as well. From what I've read so far, Iver Johnson was a very popular bicycle back in the day and supposedly known for its quality. I just wish there was more information in ONE PLACE!


To begin my Iver Johnson

Truss Bar Frame
Serial # 256466
Color: Black with green head tube and Iver Johnson Logo on Downtube
Rear Hub: Morrow Coaster
Front Hub: Iver Johnson
Wheels: Wood 25"
Stem: Iver Johnson
Seat: Troxel Eagle Climax
Cranks: Iver Johnson
Chain Ring: Diamond Square Geometric pattern

Unsure about: rear fender (flat), Front Fender (not so flat, but not deep either), Front fork is non-original, handlebars, Chain too rusty to tell, Grips not included.

I'll amend this post with some detail shots of parts when I get them.
Here's mine, just picked it up last week @ Iron Ranch....
Haven't uncovered the serial # on the seat tube yet...
Saddle: unknown wood pan motorbike
Rear Hub: Corbin Duplex
Front Hub: ?
Wheels: mismatched, one is clad, the other wood
Stem: Iver
Fenders: Iver
Frame: shorter truss with water transfer decals and badge
This one is not in my collection, but a collector friend of mine owns it and I have thought about purchase many, many times.
Probably not all original and has a two speed new departure hub rigged up with a bendix lever.
I really like the wheels, made to look like woodgrain and has early 1.375 continental tires on it.
I thought I would share as maybe someone can talk me into purchase (or not to).

iver 1.jpg


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Here's mine...


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Great thread idea. Not sure if I qualify for the pre 33 thing. Heres mine - 28 inch Pneumatics, original paint.


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Cool bike! I love original paint. If you get a chance, please post up some more detail shots. Also, please post the serial number.
Serial no. is 535358. Here are more pics and a manual shot.



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I'm looking for a good condition or restored Iver tanker...I dont mind if its post 33. Let me know what you have!
I think the only tanker IJ made was the Super Mobike. Thats a rare bird! Good luck!
Does this count? It's an Iver built Lovell-Diamond. Not sure of the year, can anybody tell me? It has 28" singletubes. This is how I bought it.

Another odd thing, on the top tube there are somebody's initials. Done in the exact color and font (but smaller) as the "Lovell-Diamond" on the bottom tube. Too perfect to not be factory done. Does anybody know if that was an option back then?