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SPRING CLEANING SALE!!! A whole lot of everything

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
First I want to say I will be very busy loading more parts on here. So Please be very patient and I will answer all PM's in order I get them
In order to keep from having chaos, I would like everyone to PM me first.
This way I can keep track of everything in order in one place.
Pictures will be very limited But If and only if you are seriously interested. I hope to be very busy answering PM's and loading more items.
Please don't ask for shipping quote for just one item.
My zip code is 35773 you can look it up and get a pretty good guess on shipping.
I don't mind shipping quotes for multiple item. It might take a day or so. But please be patient. I don't inflate my shipping and will do my best to keep it low.
I think total I have around 50 items I will be posting.
So this being said, Lets get started.


#1 Musselman parts Cabinet. $200 OBO.
the following parts came off of a really nice condition Girls columbia 5 star with a cracked frame.
#2 Columbia rack with light $100 EBAY
#3 Columbia chain gaurd $40 EBAY
#4 Columbia Peaked fender set with rear reflector $100 EBAY
#5 Colubia Wheel set with nice complete front drum brake setup $150 EBAY
#6 Columbia Troxel crash rail seat pan Nice no rust clean pan and carriage $30 EBAY
#7 Columbia Locking pringer fork with key $120 EBAY
#8 Columbia Front fender light bottom only $50 EBAY
#9 Columbia Tank $40 EBAY
#10 Girls Torrington 11 Pedals rally nice condition $50 EBAY
#11 Columbia script grips $30 EBAY
#12 Delta tank horn $40
#13 Columbia seat post $8.00
#14 Columbia crank set with all bearings and cups. $20 EBAY
#15 Wald?? Chrome chain gaurd Boy's bike $30
#16 Troxel girls white crahrail seat with Ottum WA 1966 tag $50
#17 Shelby Chain gaurd $25
#18 Large Motorbike style luggage rack $45
#19 Black motor bike rear fender W/ flat braces $30
#20 Motorbike flat Fender set original braces but not flat $65
#21 Motorbike Front fender black and cream $20
#22 Torrington handle bars with stem.
#23 Girls Shelby truss rods with upper & lower supports. $20 Supports are worth that.
#24 Bendix Aviation 2 speed complete setup 28 hole $80
#25 Seiss front load fender light $ 40 SOLD
#26 Seiss 6 rib front load fender light $40
#27 Dual Seiss handle bar mount lights w/ glass lenses $50 SOLD
#28 RED Delta front load fender light $20
#29 Delta top load fender light $25
#30 BLACK Delta front load fender light nice cond. $80 SOLD
#31 Delta Aluminum Fat torpedo fender light $100 SOLD
#32 Old Sol TOC light $45
#33 Monarch Hex Tube fender light bottom only $45 PENDING
#34 Schwinn prewar nonscripted drum brake lever $40SOLD
#35 Bendix Aviation 2 speed lever $25
#36 Fauber?? Crank set complete w/ bearings & cups. $40 SOLD
#37 Schwinn 5 speed fastback slick tire and wheel $30 will not separate
#39 Schwinn 26" fork $10
#40 Schwinn black w/ red darts fork $20
#41 Shelby fork $20
#42 Unk???? truss rod fork $30
#43 Girls Schwinn locking springer fork $100
#44 Boy's Schwinn Non locking springer fork $150
$45 Girls Roadmaster tank in primer $20
#46 Schwinn hockey stick chaingaurd $15
#47 Large Misc parts lot $50
#48 Small airflow style tricycle seat $35
#49 Columbia postwar brass badge $ 10
#50 Columbia postwar brass badge $10
#51 Columbia postwar brass badge $40
#52 Huffy Byke Huffman badge $20
#53 Schwinn B.F. Goodrich badge $15
#54 Westfield Hudson brass badge $40
#55 Schwinn Excelsior brass badge $40 SOLD
#56 Schwinn American Beauty brass badge $40
#57 Nice set of block pedals torrington 8's? $40
#58 New Departure TOC modle A hub $ 60
#59 Morrow TOC 36-13 hub $50
#60 Motor bike stem $30
#61 Schwinn prewar Miller kickstand $30
#62 Lucky 7 seta post fat on the bottom skinny up top. $20
#63 Chrome seat crash rail $10
#64 TOC Cross brace Torrington motorbike style handle bars $100
#65 Schwinn Sweetheart crank and sprocket $25
#66 Schwinn Sweetheart peaked crank and sprocket $40
#67 Schwinn Boy's bike 4 hole crank and sproket $25
#68 Small skip tooth sprocket $8.00
#69 Sweet heart sprocket $10
#70 Columbia sprocket? $10
#71 Unk Sprocket??? $15
#72 Schwinn 4 hole sprocket $10
#73 Monarch sprocket $15
#74 Schwinn stingray sprocket $10
#75 Fauber Snowflake Sprocket? $35
#76 Choice of 3 dog leg crank $15
#77 Chrome Schwinn feather guard Aftermarket? $40
#78 2 bells : Ship wheel $40 slotted edge, plain top $25 both for $55
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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Payment sent for 31 and 27.

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Wheeled Relics

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
PM sent 59 & 68
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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
#1 Musselman parts cab. $200
#2 Columbia wheel set w/ front drum brake $150
#3 Columbia Rack with rear brake light $100
#3 white girls Troxel crash rail seat W 1966 Tag $50
#4 Girls Columbia 5 star tank no horn $40 with horn $60

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
#1 Columbia peaked fenders: $100
#2 Columbia locking fork w/ key $120
#3 Columbia crank& sprocket w/ bearings and cups $20
#4 Delta tank horn $40
#5 Columbia front fender light $50
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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
I know things are a little disorganized, I will be going back through and trying to get prices with each post.
If you have any questions please let me know.
Thanks, JKent
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