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'Lil Knee Scuffer
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm 71 years old and retrieved by 1964 Stingray from the shed a couple of days ago. My parents bought me the bike in May 1964. They kept it for me through the years and they asked me to take it about 40 years ago. It's the Deluxe model. Number is D438274 and its blue. I changed the rear tire to a slick n 1966 at the latest and changed the seat about the same time. The Person seat tore easily so I changed it. I see restored Persons seats and sissy bars for sale on internet occasionally. It's still the original front tire. I'm undecided whether to restore it and do some minor repairs or enjoy it as is as it's only original to me once... My parents sacrificed alot to get me this bike as my dad was unemployed at the time, so the bike is one I want to keep. They passed away in 2017 and 2019. Here's a few photos I took recently. The tires still hold air. This is the configuration as I rode the bike for several years in the 1960s.

1964 Schwinn Sting-Ray.jpg

Sting-Ray Bike 2.jpg

Sting-Ray Bike 3.jpg

Stingray Slik 1.jpg
Welcome to the CABE.
Very cool story and I’m glad you kept it all these decades.

An April 1964 J39 Deluxe Stingray that still has its Sky Blue Factory Paint …. Awesome.
It would be a sin to restore this bike. They are Original only once.
Restored Stingrays are a dime-a-dozen.

Thank you for sharing.

BTW Caution! Do NOT use any cleaner or wax of any kind on the White Reverse Screen on the chain guard, or the White Fork Darts as you will ruin/remove them.
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Very cool bike ! Welcome to the Cabe ! That thing just needs a light clean up !! Do not restore it !! I would get the correct white seat and white grips and turn it back to original, it’s cool that you kept it all these years, have fun cleaning it back up !
Your bike has the early head set bearing unit and the rare 36 spoke center stamp S-2 rear wheel.
I’m sure it still has the Original center stamp S-7 front wheel.
Also still has the correct spin block pedals and Stimsonite reflector.

Could we get a clear photo of the Yellow Decal that maybe shows a dealer.

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Awesome bike and even more awesome is the history. As was stated previously and will be stated many more times no resto just a clean ,grease ,ride and smile. @60sstuff @nick tures would that have been a solo polo style or a deep tuffted persons?

This D4 would have come with a Deep Tufted Polo seat and Square back persons strut.

Here is my Original E4 J39 as an example of what Terry’s bike should look like when new.

1964 Opal Violet Deluxe (0).jpeg
Yes, that is the sat it came with and the white grips. At the time as a 12 year old, the white seat and grips looked to girly for me. The seat tore so I bought a new blue seat with blue grips to get it more masculine. I cut lawns at $2 each to earn the money to change them and to replace the worn rear knobby tire with a Slik tire. What is the recommendation about the seat, grips and rear tire? Leave as is and enjoy or get replacements and put back to original? My young butt sat on this seat alot more than the white seat.
Terry W.
Oh, yeah!
It doesn’t get any better than that!
That is your bike from day one!
I wouldn’t change a thing.
That’ll just sterilize/collectorize it, then your personality will be gone, and it could’ve just been anyone’s Sting Ray?
But, it’s not!
It’s the bike you’ve had since the day it rolled off the show room floor!
Not many of us get to say that!
It’s ok, that you made some period modifications on it.
We all did that!
Your parents saved your bike for you.
Happy Father’s Day!
Your Dad made the great sacrifice to bring you up and buy the best bike he could, and a time when he could least afford it.
Love of another is a magnificent thing.
Enjoy your bike for as long as you can.
Thanks, for sharing the experience with us.
Fabulous looking bike!