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G519 NOS Parts Library

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Bicycle Tires:

Royal Master, Centipede Grip, made by United States Rubber Company.

These are marked 'War Tire', and are marked with a red spot, indicating synthetic, or poorer grade rubber. This was intended to allow these tires to be easily identified and replaced after the war. The marking was used on all vehicle tires that required it.

Photos from Craig Johnson:







Truss Rod Lower Plate

Originally bought at MVPA convention.

Photos and details from Craig Johnson:

Handbook References:

TM 10-1481, 1942
Fork Truss Rod Lower Plate

ORD 8 SNL G-519, 1945
Plate, fork truss rod, lower
MFR'S Part No. (WSF-B1369) (HF-3025-B)

ORD 7-8 SNL G-519, 1949
Plate, fork truss rod, lower
MFR'S Part No. (WSF-B1369) (HF-3025B)
Stock No. 4640-3205B


Rear Columbia Fenders (better photos)

By August 1957 when these were packed, Fort Pitt Packaging Co. was in a bit of trouble.

On February 4, 1957, Fort Pitt Packaging International, Inc. ( formerly known as Fort Pitt Packaging Co., Inc. , which is strange, since this is still what they were writing on the lables below from August 1957) entered into a written contract with the United States Government for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of vehicles. They werein some financial trouble, and on March 26, 1957, Fort Pitt entered into a contract with Empire Commercial Corporation wherein Empire agreed to lend Fort Pitt $140,000, and Fort Pitt agreed to assign to the Provident Trust Company as Empire's agent its contract with the United States Government and any and all payments due or to become due thereunder. On the same day, March 26, Fort Pitt sold and assigned to the Provident Trust Company, the payments due or which may become due under the governmental contract. Notice of the assignment was given to the Contracting Officer of the Department of the Army, pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Assignment of Claims Act of 1940, as amended, 31 U.S.C.A. 203.

There were actually two contracts executed on that day between Fort Pitt and Empire. However, since the only variation between the two contracts is in the amounts involved, being $60,000 and $80,000 respectively, for purposes of clarity the two contracts are referred to as a single contract.

One year later, on March 27, 1958, Fort Pitt was placed in receivership, and the argument about who owed what began.... Details here:

Photos from EBAY:




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Persons seat frame assembly.

Does anyone have a better picture of the lable tied to the frame?

Back in 2016, Al Berger said he "bought the box from Everything Bicycle many years ago, his father bought them after the war as surplus, it was full QTY 16. I have used all but a few of the seat frames ."

Photos from @bobcycles and @Frank Rizzo

View attachment 1699098

View attachment 1699099

View attachment 1699100

View attachment 1699101

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View attachment 1699103

View attachment 1699104
Man I wish I had more of those, I have one tag left over, here is a picture of it , hope it helps

Hi Al @Frank Rizzo

Thanks for the detailed photo, yes it helps. And thanks for the detailed crate photos.

Funny you should say that you wished you had more, whilst trying to find out what SRA was (I assume an Arsenal, but I can't find one listed with that abbreviation), I came across another packing crate from the same batch. Was it one of several when you bought it?


Photo credit to this site, other photos available there : https://proteanpaper.com/scart_pict...ic=000000000000000633&part=000000000000001947

Best Regards,

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As you know I bought them from Howie , Everything Bicycle, and he had a few more full crates at the time, they were a bit pricey for me then.
After he died , I talked to his wife and they were not selling stuff at that time, but I know he had a lot of parts remaining , probably more frames