JC Higgins 16 Inch Pig

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    Finally riding a big boys bike

    Nov 28, 2011
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    I love when a vision works in real life. I bought this JC Higgins 16 inch bike to make a cool pig bike. Since they used rat trap forks on JC Higgins bikes I thought a Screamer fork would be a perfect fit. A 15 inch seat and some midget sized handlebars in the change over of parts. A fat Duro 16 x 3 rear tire. This is the first real mock up of it. I have a silver mylar striped seat I can also use. Not sure on paint color yet. I will probably remove the fork reflectors or buy a different fork without them. I have a few Screamer front rims to make a matched set of rims for it. It started life as a hard tire bike. Now it will get a major upgrade.

    20171108_152024.jpg 20171127_155610.jpg 20171127_155619.jpg 20171127_155627.jpg 20171127_155637.jpg 20171127_155657.jpg
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    Wore out three sets of tires already!

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    image.jpeg Here's my early '50's Columbia pig bike.
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