Rolling Relics S.F. ride July 30th

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Wore out three sets of tires already!







I live for the CABE
Man O’ man, what a blast! I had so much fun from start to finish! Thank you Chris and everyone that showed! Thank you Tyler for lunch!!! I have know qualms with the fog. It kept us cool. Just slightly damp on each side as I crossed the GG. Needed some glasses windshield wipers. lol. Everyone was just absolutely tops! The coolest peoples on the planet imho. Can’t wait for next year! Here’s a few pics from my perspective.

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I think I had icicles on my eyebrows when I went over the bridge


I live for the CABE
So glad we decided to go at the last minute! We always have a great time, see lots of familiar faces and make new friends. The gloomy weather was more than welcome coming from the triple digits of the LA area, so it was a perfect day for a ride. Thank you @slick and all you do to make these memorable rides possible. I was bummed that a few of our bike friends from the bay area couldn't make it, but hoping to ride with them again soon. See you next year!

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Wow! Quite a nice ride turnout. Great to see all that Rolling American iron!


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
My stunt double @sccruiser showed up for the ride. After the ride we stopped at Radhaus, a German brewhouse and restaurant where I had a little 1 liter beer. Friends crossing the Golden Gate in very wet conditions but that didn't steer them away. We ride no matter what. One more shot of Reds Java House where we meet up at the beginning of the ride. Reds was built in 1929 and was named Franco's Lunch at the time. In 1955 it was bought out by two brothers and renamed Reds. And as they say, the rest is history. See everyone next year.







Finally riding a big boys bike
My friend Edwin, not a CABE member, who joined us on Saturday, shared a few images with my wife and me. Forwarding and sharing here. Enjoy.

01 Edwin's pictures.jpg

02 Edwin's pictures.jpg

03 Edwin's pictures.jpg

04 Edwin's pictures.jpg

05 Edwin's pictures.jpg

06 Edwin's pictures.jpg

07 Edwin's pictures.jpg

08 Edwin's pictures.jpg

09 Edwin's pictures.jpg

11 Edwin's pictures.jpg

12 Edwin's pictures.jpg

13 Edwin's pictures.jpg

14 Edwin's pictures.jpg

15 Edwin's pictures.jpg

16 Edwin's pictures.jpg

17 Edwin's pictures.jpg

18 Edwin's pictures.jpg

19 Edwin's pictures.jpg

20 Edwin's pictures.jpg

Edwin joined us for his first vintage bicycle gathering on the '21 SF Ride last year. He enjoyed seeing all the vintage rides, he picked up this Elgin from me last year.
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