As of now, whats best company to ship with?

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I know this has been discussed recently. I have a NICE frame to sell and was wondering who is most reasonable. It is large

island schwinn

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Go direct through FedEx. You can open an account, but be vigilant and watch the charges. They tend to overcharge versus their original estimates.


Finally riding a big boys bike
By saying my frame is 'nice', I didnt mean the paint is nice, but has some value. I dont want them crushing it


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when I did ebay I shipped 90% USPS. larger items were all FED EX, as they were cheaper at the time.

things may be different now, I would suggest boxing it up and plug the dimensions and weight into USPS, FED EX and UPS and see what you get.

from my experience all carriers are the same as far as the item getting to the customer in one piece and in a timely manner.

Andrew Gorman

Cruisin' on my Bluebird
I've been happy with PirateShip, at least for small packages- a decent discount. I have not tried them for a large box.