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FIRESTONE AIRFLEX (made by Huffman, c. 1940) Tank

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Shipping: • I will pay for shipping using UPS standard ground. I will insure the shipment. • If the buyer wishes to use a different method of shipping, it will be at the buyer’s expense. I will work out shipping charges (at actual cost) with the buyer, but please notify me that you wish to use a different method of shipping when you submit an offer so I can determine the actual cost. • I will ship the crank/sprocket separate from the tank because of size difference. The rack can be included with either the tank or crank. • Shipment will originate from Chattanooga TN 37415. • Buyer will have 24 hours to inspect and decide either to keep or return the item(s). If the buyer returns the item(s), it is the buyer’s obligation to pay for shipping using the same packing (unless damaged), and method of shipping.
Chattanooga TN


Look Ma, No Hands!
Rack begins at 3:17; crank/sprocket begins at 4:40 into the video

  • I will describe the parts as accurately as I can, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine the originality and condition of all items.
  • Because of my gratitude to CABE members for their help, advice, and kindness, I am listing these items on DEAL OR NO DEAL first with the hope I quicky receive a bid that I will accept; but if that doesn’t happen, I will withdraw and list on eBay. I’m hopeful that this will be a quick and successful sale! I do have a price in mind that I will accept; it’s pretty large <grin>
  • Each item is being sold separately, so if you want all, then bid strong on all.
  • I am new to CABE so please tell me if I need to correct my listing in any manner to follow CABE protocols, or to provide better descriptions.
  • Items are being offered “as is” with a 24 hour window to return. Let’s try to avoid that, please.
  • I will do my best to use the buyer’s preferred means of payment
  • I can accept PayPal, or cashier’s check (bank draft). I cannot accept credit or debt cards. If buyer wishes to pay by personal check or money order, please discuss this with me prior to submitting an offer.
  • I will travel up to 150 miles from Chattanooga to do a cash transaction at a prior arranged location; or if the buyer wishes to do the transaction is person.
  • My email is: [email protected]
  • I will provide my cell/text number by email upon request.
  • If the bidder wants larger, or additional image(s) that exceed 20 MB, I will email those using www.WeTransfer.com (similar to Dropbox)
  • All items are in used condition and are in restorable condition. Other than the crank, the tank and rack retain most of their original paint.
  • These items were left behind by the original owner as trash when we purchased the house in 1988. We never cleaned under the cabinet’s storage area until last Saturday (April 30), when they were discovered.
Our good fortune can be your good fortune, too. I have learned that these parts are from a beautiful, rare, desirable, and valuable pre-war cruiser bicycle, and rarely come up for sale. I hope the buyer will enjoy his/her purchase and that it will bring joy to their life! We all need more joy in our collective lives, particularly in these times when so many live in desperation and fear.

Please bid responsibly, respectfully, and fearlessly!

  • Original paint – I used a color identity app which said the greenish color was “Shadow Green” (RGB: 154,194,184) and brown-red color is “Bordeaux” (RGB 92,1,32), but I’m sure there’s Huffman color names for the colors, and my color names aren’t particularly accurate, or helpful, so I don’t why I’m including them, other than I spent 45 minutes trying to use the damn app….”Gulf Stream” and “Old Brick” are other names that came up….
  • There are scratches, scrapes, small areas of missing paint, and faded patches, but for being 82 years old, most of the original paint remains, even some glossiness.
  • Internal brackets all seem to be present
  • Both Firestone Airflex logos are their; the right side appears to have celluloid tape over it, and the left one is very faded and barely perceptible.
  • There’s a screw of the upper left side by the headlight opening that may have been added to hold an internal bracket.
  • Both plastic head light lens are present; the right one has some shrinkage and dimpling like it has been damaged by heat. The right one has a bit of tar on it.
  • There’s also a patch of tar on the green paint near the opening on the upper right.
  • The grill is in great condition.
  • The inside still has some areas of crusted dirt and very small and light surface rust, but no areas that have any significant impact.
  • The two sides of the tank are slightly mis-aligned but I believe that will not be an issued when correctly attached.
Please study the photos and the video, and ask any questions before making an offer.






















tank close up 1.JPG

tank close up 6.JPG

tank front left.JPG

tank full side.JPG