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Non bike guy, Need info make, year, value?

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On Training Wheels
Several months ago I purchased a Lot at auction that included these 2 bicycles and another 20" Bike. I have no clue what they are other than the one with the name plate, but I don't know anything more than what is in the pictures. I'm hopeful that someone can provide some insight as to what they are and if they have any value. I hope to sell at some point in the future.
The first is the red bike. It has wooden wheels and there is a bit of a name stamp still on one. It had a home made sign on it that says late 1890s wooden wheels. The guy that previously owned it was the son of a bicycle mechanic in Ohio. It has no brakes and no nameplate. I assume that the brake would have been attached to the hole in the steering head. ?? Serial number is under the crank tube</> and reads A18366
The second Bike (Blue) is marked "The World" as shown in pictures. I can't be sure of the serial number under the crank tube <?> but have included a pic. I think it is 447375 this bike has a rear coaster brake but I don't see a name on it. It also looks like an old stamp or embossing on the top rear of the seat.

























Yes. they are quite dusty. I don't want to inadvertently knock any thing off. I appreciate any help you could give. Also the third bike is a silver 20" with Shimano equipped on headstamp, 10 speed and RC200(?) on seat tube.





The blue/black piece is obviously a Schwinn. If this list is half accurate it's a 1931. Welcome to the Cabe.

View attachment 1912296
That bike is earlier than that. I believe the badge was used until about 1917 and it has a Model A ND hub which went from about 1903-28. It would be interesting to pull the crank to see if it is dated. @dasberger will be interested in this for the pre 33 Schwinn list.
The red bike is probably somewhere in the 1920's and may have been badged as an Elgin. The maker of the bike may be Excelsior. The blue bike is an early teens? Schwinn. Like I said above you may be able to pull the crank and date it. The last bike is too new for me and out of my wheelhouse but maybe @birdzgarage or one of the other BMX guys could give you more info. I'll let others chime in on value. As far as selling you will likely get some under-the-table offers but you may be better offering them on the Deal or No Deal part of the forum which is an auction style format.
The bmx looks to be a low end department store bike based on the welds and built in kickstand mount
Thank you all. At least I have somewhere to start. What should I be looking for when I pull the crank? Will the red bike crank be dated as well?
Yeah, the red bike seems to be a bit more of a jumble in terms of parts... ladies seat, late 60s pedals, and a rear track hub that appears to be relaced into those broad cross section wood rims. The tires and rims should be pretty desirable as well as the wide(motorcycle pacer??) Handlebars and stem. The thick repaint and missing badge are details that seem to make these 1920ish frames a hard resell.
Deal or no deal is the way to go. I'd try to list them individually as complete first. If you're not happy with the frequency of bids on the complete red bike, I'd part it out...wheels/tires, handlebars/stem, frame/fork/crank/seatpost maybe take the fenders off the for shipping, but keep them with the frame.