Sunday's Show and Tell 1/10/20

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I live for the CABE
Weird trike






Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Not antique or classy. Christmas gifts from the family.
From my wife... A tee shirt. ( I had to lean over forward a bit to get the shot. Like a fresh made loaf of bread, my gut has risen as well)

My son ...a bike computer. This on is fairly easy to set up.

That the bike stuff. Been spending money on parts and paint on 263e locomotive project.
Great stuff seeing the treasures you a find

Jesse McCauley

McCauley Cycle Works
Who else saw this funky tandem on ebay?
I don't get it, but I bought it. No clue what is going on with the stoker bottom bracket arrangement, or that brace / captain seatpost clamp setup.

It has a few pieces of hardware I can use, among them a good men's solo pedal and a "cord attachment" for the elusive Bevin Alarm.

Been working on ANOTHER tandem acquisition for a while that made it here this past week. This one is significantly more exciting but it will be a long road to Wellville.
This double diamond "double wishbone" seat tube frame has been discussed here on the CABE but it has been some years now so I look forward to bringing fresh energy and eyes to it.
I have most of the hardware that it was discovered with, I think the last few surviving pieces that I'm missing will be found, I can relate to misplacing tiny bits.
Not sure what it is yet, Graham, Fowler, and America are all obvious contenders but the use of D&J bottom brackets, Thor seatpost couplings, Ideal / Thor cooperative fittings and Orient? chainwheels really confuses the possible identity. Seemingly Fowler and America both used their own proprietary hardware quite consistently, I have yet to find an example (although I'm open to seeing them) of a Fowler or America bike using D&J bottom bracket hardware.

tandem ebay.jpg

tandem bell loop.jpg

Oliver tandem.jpg

Tandem hardware Olliver.png


Wore out three sets of tires already!
I hope everyone is staying as safe as they can. No bikes lately in my travel range I’m always looking though. I believe winter ( typical in the North East) and the virus have less people selling bikes at the moment .Also the fact there’s no shows in any of my hobbies / or buying to resell . ( I miss the shows and more so the people I know that I see at them. ) I’m also not traveling as far to buy anything at this time. But I’m still finding rc cars on the cheep locally and on line to rebuild. The top three photos are my latest editions/ upgraded rebuilds I did. The RC hobby grade car market is very strong at the moment due to people wanting things to do while at home. The problem I’m seeing with the rc cars is prices have doubled on rebuildable cars a lot of times. And parts available has changed a bit. I’ve also seen more overpriced bikes when I do see them lately than in the past . The shipping times are becoming quite delayed also the shipping prices on everything has gone crazy to the point that it is a deal breaker at times. I’m still waiting on a item I bought in mid December that was first class shipping.






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