To PART or NOT to PART... that is the question?! 1936-37 Silver King M1

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Riding my '39 Silver King 26X
May 26, 2011
Altadena, CA
Oh thank you for all the thoughtful replies, I really appreciate it. You all offer great perspectives, and I agree with all of them.

In my original post I started with that I want to sell this bike. That is still my main objective; I don't have to max out on the dollars, I just want it to be reasonable, a fair deal for buyer and seller. Ideally, I'd like to sell it complete, I'm always partial to preservation of original bikes vs. parting so I'm thinking I'll go fishing on feebay... if it gets no offers, you might see it here again asking for dibs on parts.

I'll be sure to respond here when I make my final decision and will post links to any sales.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Apr 17, 2014
If it were a wingbar or flocycle in complete, original condition, you would reach those numbers. But there's nothing here that deserves $4k.

24" Silver Kings are the prewar Phantom... they're Everywhere.:cool:
i was thinking the same thing. How did it get to 4k in parts? that is why i asked for the parts price list earlier... maybe i just dont know the prices?


Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
Sep 2, 2010
4900 New Kent Rd, Richmond, VA 23225, USA
Nice bike.
The distance from hub to hub is equal to or greater than 26" balloon tire bikes and the top tube is higher than you'd think.
That's whats important so your knees arent hitting the handlebars. Basically, the SK frame geometry is not scaled down and all these bikes were made for kids btw.
I'd ask 3k whole, which i see as equivalent parts get 1k for the rack and jeweled hornlight and lets say 500 for the tube and button. The remaining 1.5k for the rest with a seat cover about to come off is reasonable with those wheels, stand, and that guard is a tough find.
3k is win-win for the bike and buyer whole.
This M1 frame had a 3 year run, so its not rare, but it is rare for such a complete deluxe example with the optional rack.

Pirate of the Plains

Finally riding a big boys bike
Aug 15, 2016
Kansas City
I'm almost always in the camp of "Dont tell someone what to do with their property. Mind ya Bizness" I want to disagree with JMack I do...but I dont. I feel like its borderline anti-social to do that to needlessly ruin something of cultural significance that there is a finite amount of. Especially bc it's a way bigger hassle to part it out. Whatever this increased profit I'd that you're picturing, come up with an amount, post an ad. Give an honest effort to let it stay together. There are more old dudes ready to spend money around here than The Lolita Express. If you're not feeling the love then do what you gotta do. Kinda seems you're trolling tho. Seems like you're leaning in to being a villain in a way that's so clumsy and obvious

May as well just roll up like a rich guy in an 80s movie and tell the black and latino teens in an impoverished area that you're closing their youth center.

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Marc's Classic Chrome

Finally riding a big boys bike
May 16, 2017
Hawley, United States
I am the worst person in the world to give advice on whether or not to part a bicycle. I feel guilty parting girls bikes for parts I need because I think oh maybe someone would want to pair it with their boys bike. That never seems to happen. I would hate to see that bike parted out but if I was looking for a piece that I would need I would hope it would be as nice as some of those pieces.

That being said ... don’t part it.
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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Aug 17, 2011
Or you could do what lots of people do.... ask an over inflated price and (shockingly) not get any takers and than use that in your defense of... "tried to sell it whole but oh well"... and then part it out. Ultimately it's yours to do what you want, but man it would be a shame to destroy it just for a few extra bucks.


Look Ma, No Hands!
Aug 7, 2016
sacramento ca
Since it is complete already, pass it on too one who loves it if you don’t. It may have been put together but it is together and if it takes 4K too put one together remember that price tag will only go up over time. This one is together and someone will love it. Maybe not in a hurry but, that is always the story it will find a home if given the chance too.
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