What bike did you ride today?

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Wore out three sets of tires already!
Iver ride on a beautiful Saturday morning
Garden Grove has these ceramic arts throughout- just gotta look



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Riding Miles; Collecting Smiles
I replaced the broken spoke in the front wheel and got it "Tru' enough".
I added an orphan grip and used the leather strap to put a band-aid on the tripple horn.
I put the bell and Frog coin purse back where it belongs.
I wiped off the chain and took off to return the movie.
1942 Elgin Tiki Cruiser
Rides Awesome!


I sorta felt like I neglected 'er some.
I'm happy to be ridin' this one again.:D


I live for the CABE
It was a cold and wet morning; we made a stoo at the Local coffee shop sporting a skunk stripe.

My friend brought out his new to him 1985 Trek 760 (top of the line “made in the USA” racer w/ top of the line groupset; DuraAce)

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
What he said - I couldn't get up and ride with Tad and Ed this morning - I even got up and made my salmon omelette, but it was low 40s and 100% humidity, my ears were sloshing, and it was supposed to turn so beautiful at just 10 am.
I did text Tad and told him I was puking out - and I really did want to see his cool new wooden fenders - hey, he brought the wrong bike, anyway.

So I slept for an hour after breakfast, and texted my friend Randi. She's been in Germany and Turkey for a month, and she doesn't like cold and wet, either.
We met at Breckenridge Park, near north side, rode through aggressive downtown traffic, and picked up the Mission Trail in the near southside.
This ride is a National Historic Park, follows the San Antonio River, and connects the five 17th century missions that founded the city.
What a glorious day - this is why we live in Texas.
It was 62 degrees and the sun was hot when we stopped, but the air was cool when we pedaled.

the river was ripping from the monsoon rain we got just before my alarm went off

If you're going to ride the Mission Trail, seems like you ought to visit a mission - we stopped at Mission San Jose




Sorry we couldn't show you inside - the blue Retalbo is stunning, but this is an active congregation, and they were singing loud at worship.
A map of the known world in 1565

full of ghoulies

and mermaids - I think that's one of my exes - the one who lures sailors to their death

this was a long ride, I figure at least 35 mi, we're both out of shape, and calorie deprivation was setting in - luckily, this ride passes all the great downtown eateries.
Get back on the bikes and head north

Good photo op on the way back - this is the discharge of a 24' diameter tunnel that runs under the city, taking water from normally dry Olmos Dam north of downtown, under downtown, and discharging here, south of downtown

We took the smart stop - Mad Hatter's Tea Room, where every bite of every salad tastes something new and savory, and fruity tea is a great quench on a long bike ride.
Could be we don't really know whether this food is actually good after just burning 2000 calories - it could be horrible,
But pecans, feta cheese, olives, oregano - the sun dried tomatoes sucked up the oil from the dressing and tasted like blackberries.

get by the Tower and 4 miles farther north, and we'll be done...

hey Tad, next time it rains, wait a couple of hours...
edited for historical accuracy
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