Whats the best line of work to be in to find old bikes?

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Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Over the years I've bought or got for free bikes from friends and family. They find them doing their jobs and knowing I'm into them they call me. Some jobs they have are, barn demolition, scrappers, one friend owns a junkyard, plumbing and heating (always in a bacement), dock worker at Goodwill or Salvation Army, yard & garage sales. Just riding an old bike and talking to people that say they have a bike hanging in their garage. I've gotten bikes from each of the above situations. Do you know of any others?
Alot of the bikes I found were from when I had my paper routes back in 2010-2014 as people would ask me if they knew any thing about old bikes and I would always say "Talk to me".


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
I go to a lot of garage and estate sales and always ask if there’s any bicycles even if they’re aren’t any for sale. I’ve been tapped on my back by an old man that said “I have some rusty junk”, to an owner of one barn sale saying “l have a POS in the pump house”. Always ask out loud and follow every tip!

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Another good source that I've found old bikes is the antique steam and gas engine shows and the car show at Iola Wisconsin I go to every year. I also want to get to Jefferson this year. Happy Hunting..

Fritz Katzenjammer

Finally riding a big boys bike
These were off the scrap heap at work as well, the customer didn’t want to pay $70 a bike for basic tune-ups plus a chain for the one that was actually used. ( the one looked barely ridden and still had a $600 price sticker on it )

The main problem with both bikes was poor original assembly and set up. I took them home, gave them both a good going over and a tune up and donated them to a family who were new to the country and just setting up house here.

We are such a wasteful society.



I live for the CABE
October 2021 I retired after 31 years at the solid waste transfer station in San Francisco. Most of my time was in the office for the last 20 years but at least 2 or 3 hours daily out on the 50 acre facility or at the repair shops at various locations. The sad thing is until about 10 years ago I was not going for bikes in the public dumping are or scrap pile. I know over the years I saw battery tubes, delta lights but I was grabbing furniture, old 78s, light fixtures, antique tools, everything but bike stuff. That all changed when I saved my teens Pierce Roadster that was buried under a pile of lath, plaster and bricks. Just one pedal was sticking out. Now thanks to all the help from the CABE (and particularly the late Mike Leebolt, the best of human beings) the Pierce is a regular rider for me. I have 8 ridable bikes including the 72 Raleigh Carlton my daughter uses, 5 mens and 3 womens. I've given away at least that many including road bikes as far back as the early 60s.

These are my main riders.
Teens Pierce

58 Schwinn American

64 Coppertone Traveler

late 40s(?) Rudge

I ride with a group every M/W/F morning. We meet at 7am and ride around Bay Fram Island, it's about a 12 mile ride for me. Looking forward to warmer mornings again, not 39 degrees like today.

And the projects waiting to become riders.
1940s Swiss Allegro (as found)

1927 Westfield Motorbike frame, was badged as either Syracuse, Stormer or Stutz.
Westfield Frame.jpg

61 Traveler

And an early 50s Monark frame that needs some straightening, many parts and some layers of spray paint removed.

The womens riders
40s(?) Armstrong

47 Schwinn

54 Monark Rocket

1960 Hercules I overhauled and gave to an old friend.

As long as I can keep riding life is good! I hate to think of all the ones that got away over the years...but we live in a Victorian with no garage and only a quarter basement.😆


I'm the Wiz, and nobody beats me!
I usually carry cards with me and give them out to people I strike up a conversation with. I rely on luck and garage sales.Seems I find my best is when I dont try.Pushing to find that gem is usually just going to raise your blood pressure. I believe if it is meant to be it will be.


Look Ma, No Hands!
Had to have the Roto-rooter guy come out last summer, tree roots had gotten into the line between the
house and the street, which the home owner is responsible for. He went down in the basement to do the job,
and remarked on some of my bike stuff. Then he made the comment that in the older neighborhoods in town
he sees quite a few old bikes down in basements, covered in dust and cobwebs. Not sure I want to become a Roto-rooter
man to get access to peoples basements, but it did give me some encouragement that more cool finds are still out there.