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A special project, a prewar Rollfast…

My granddaughter loves most of my old stuff and my old bikes, whether very patina 'd or nice, she digs them all. Once we were done, she was so excited to sit on the bike for the first time, and I genuinely felt the same way for her. She was gleaming and couldn't wait to ride her Bluey. Had to make room in the back so she can ride. This has been a wonderful experience to be able to do something like this with her. Thanks for allowing me to share this story with all of you.

21 my granddaughter and her Bluey.jpg

21a she's so happy.jpg

Not a great picture but her smile says it all. So excited for her.
Nice, nice, nice! Love the grand kid connection, nothing better ever than spending one on one time like that!
Thanks @Barto. Sharing this post with her, and while reading back this story this is her reply to you. "Thank you for saying that," she said. 😄
…for my granddaughter and me. Earlier this year, I picked up this 20” prewar Rollfast from @dasberger. Thanks Josh for making it happen. That was over 6 months ago, and a few projects between then and now, I’m ready to work on this project with my younger granddaughter, who is currently 7 years old. My granddaughters are already familiar with old bikes. Two years ago, I got them matching late 70s Schwinn Bantam 20” bikes. But it’s my younger granddaughter that really digs the old stuff, so this will be our first bike project together.

I bought this little gal because she is the junior of mine. She’s around the same year, same color, and has that same Snyder DP Harris fastback frame design, just a smaller version, which is so cool. These frames remind me of vintage motorcycle frames, which I’ve had in the past. Typically, along with our ’37 Rollfast, I’ve only cleaned and overhauled the mechanical components and left the bike’s cosmetic condition alone. The approach with this little one will be the same, make them look alike as best we can without changing much from their original condition.

These pictures taken by @dasberger
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Matching Bantam bikes

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The Schwinn Pixie Stingray on the left I bought back in mid 90s when my daughter was 5 years old, and now my daughter's girls are enjoying that same bike. All three of the kids bikes still has the original tires. Last two pictures taken 2 years ago.

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"Levi" our '37 Rollfast Sport, the reason why I bought this little project bike
Hi Eddy!
Cool project with the granddaughter! Love it! Gotta teach em when they’re young! Did this 1934 true value hardware bike for my son. He absolutely loves it! I bought this one from Jesus. Here’s a before and after photo’s.


GREAT thread!!! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks @Gully. Appreciate it.
This is the reason why I love the Cabe! Thanks for sharing this build. Priceless memories on a fabulous bike! Jeannie
Jeannie, @Majdotkool, glad to share here on the CABE. I'm a sentimental fool so when it comes to family, it means a lot.

24a first ride together with our prewar Rollfast bikes.jpg

24 first ride together with our prewar Rollfast bikes Levi & Bluey.jpg

Our first picture together with our prewar Rollfast bikes, Levi and Bluey @ COBOA Folsom Ride